Kickstarter Tardis Console Build for N. American Convention

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Kickstarter Tardis Console Build for N. American Convention

Postby galacticprobe » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:53 pm

Hey, All,

I saw this on another Doctor Who forum I frequent and thought I would share it as the original poster asked:

Dalekoracle wrote:The Doctor Who and Anglophile convention in Seattle - ANGLICON - is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to build the late 1970's / Early 1980's Tardis Console for their event in December.
Heres the Kickstarter link:

They have a team of prop builders ready to start building the Console ahead of their event in December.
Whats cool about this project is that once the console has made its debut at the Anglicon event, it'll be available to any convention in the states (free, they just cover their own transport costs to get it to and from Seattle)

I think its a really cool project, and have backed it. (It's being run by friends in the States)

Every dollar helps, so please, if the project appeals, please do pledge. Failing that, please do share the link far and wide on your social media channels.

Thanks chums.


We've seen kickstarters for great projects before, and with this one it looks like they are willing to travel with their console to Cons across the US. Maybe we could even get them as far as Atlanta for D*C and WHOlanta. (I might even see if they'd come to the Tidewater Comic Cons in Virginia Beach, VA - either the one in May or the one in September, though I'd let my son handle that since he works with his library that has a booth at those Cons, and he knows the person that organizes them.)

But I remember that great TARDIS from my visit to the (then) Timegate Con in 2013, and thought how nice it would be to have a console at the Con as well. I haven't been successful in getting the restored 1996 TVM Console and her crew out to the East Coast for a Con... yet (though I don't blame them; that's a long way to go with an actual screen-used prop), but maybe talking to the right people could get this replica late 1970s-early 1980s console to make the trip. It could be a great fund raiser. Who knows?

Anyway, I thought I would pass this on for anyone that wanted to help with the kickstarter; and like it says above, failing a contribution, please share this with your friends if you wish.

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