TARDIS Parade Float - DC 2017

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TARDIS Parade Float - DC 2017

Postby loomborn » Mon May 15, 2017 7:56 am

Hey Prydonians,

Let us talk about our glorious TARDIS float for the DragonCon parade.

It made its debut appearance three years ago, and since then it's been awaiting some repairs so it can roll out again. Currently it's warehoused just outside of Atlanta. A very generous professional set-builder has volunteered her time and expertise to fix it up for us. Unfortunately, she's had a lot happen in her life (some good, like Hollywood coming to Atlanta, and some bad, including surgeries and the passing of close family), and she hasn't had an opening in her schedule that would allow her to tackle it.

What she CAN do, though, is be the foreman for a team of volunteers. Rather than wait another year for her schedule to clear up, if we can get a crew of folks willing to come out to where it's housed and do the work under her guidance, we can have it back in the parade THIS year.

I know it's hard to organize a lot of adults with busy schedules, believe me. So it comes down to this: we can have the float ready, but only if we can get the hands on deck.

What do you say, Prydonians?
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