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Hey, folks! This is where you'll find all the necessary info for this year's events. We'll update this post every time there's a development, so everything you'll read here is current. Please check back as necessary for the most up-to-date information.

Time: Saturday. Staging is from 7:30-9:45 A.M. and step-off is at 10:00 A.M.
Place: The staging area is the North Avenue Presbyterian Church parking lot/garage located at 607 Peachtree Street. The route begins at Peachtree Street NE and Linden Avenue and ends in front of the Marriott Marquis.

Meeting to go to staging together: At 8:00 many of us will be meeting in the main lobby of the Marriott (near the Starbucks), where we'll hand out parade wristbands, and then all go to the staging area together at 9:00, either by the shuttle or by walking. We would strongly recommend the shuttle... you're going to be doing plenty of walking soon, and staging is pretty far from the hotel!

All marchers MUST be at the parade staging area by 9:45. If you don't immediately see us once you reach the staging area, parade officials will be on hand to direct you to our designated section. Once we're all together we'll arrange everyone into marching order.

Staging: WRISTBANDS WILL BE REQUIRED TO ENTER THE STAGING AREA. If you aren't planning to meet us in the Marriott before we move to staging, please make sure to set up a time with us on a previous day to get your wristband. We can be reached at (404) 216-6141 and (770) 317-5032. If in an emergency you do find yourself without a wristband at staging, call us or talk to a parade staff member and we'll do our best to have a volunteer run a wristband out to you. There are two entry points into the parking lot/garage, one on Peachtree and one on Courtland. Our section is #19, British SF/F. See below for a map of the staging area and our position.

How to get to the staging area: There are a number of ways!
1.) Walking from the host hotel area. Staging is approximately eight blocks north on Peachtree from the Hyatt Regency's front door, and about nine blocks north on Courtland from the Marriott/Hilton.
2.) Parade Participant Shuttle. The shuttle runs from 7AM-9:30AM with one pick-up at the Marriott (Courtland side) and one drop-off at staging. It picks up every 15 minutes. Other DC shuttles can get you to staging on Saturday morning but there may be other stops on the way, so plan your timing accordingly. DO NOT TAKE ANY SHUTTLE THAT LEAVES THE MARRIOTT AFTER THE 9:30 A.M. PICK-UP. Anything later won't get there in time.
3.) MARTA. The North Avenue Station is a block from staging. Exit the station and walk one block on North to Peachtree.
4.) Driving. Use your GPS but note that the convention does not supply parking, so it would be up to you to find it, and that your car would not be conveniently located to the end of the route.
5.) Uber, Lyft, taxi and the like. Always an option!

How the TV broadcast will affect marching:
The effect will be minimal, but there may be pauses between the parade sections as we approach the CW camera position at Peachtree & Pine to accommodate pacing. Look for the “STOP” and “GO” signs, and watch for and listen to instructions you get from parade team members. Please keep moving at the normal pace of the parade when you get there. No stopping to mug for the camera!

The route:
The route this year is the same as last, and here it is!

Staging area map:

Time: Friday evening, 7:00
Place: The Mellow Mushroom. This year we'll be returning to Atlanta's legendary pizzeria! They have incredible pizza (and other food) and are extremely vegetarian friendly. Check them out at:

NOTE:Though the website gives as address on West Peachtree, the restaurant itself is at the back of the building and faces Spring Street, near Ivan Allen, opposite the W hotel. Best not to head down Peachtree itself.

ALSO NOTE: THE TIME HAS CHANGED. Due to a conflict, we've changed the time of the dinner to 7:00.

Time: Saturday morning, directly after the parade
Place: The back steps of the Hilton (right side)
To find the steps at the Hilton, simply come in the front doors, walk past the elevators, and keep to the right. Soon you’ll see a set of doors on the right that lead to a short hallway. You’ll see that the hallway has two sets of doors, one on either side, that lead outside to large concrete staircases. We’ll be using the set of steps on the RIGHT. After the big group photos, we'll be adjourning indoors for smaller, air-conditioned photos.

That's it, folks! As always, for the most current updates and news during the convention, follow us on Twitter @PrydonAcademy. Forward to September!

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